Saeed Sadeghi



Saeed Sadeghi

Born in 1974 Jahrom, Iran .B.A in painting from Tehran Art University , Art teacher.

Activity in Cartoon,  painting and Graphic design. Participation and prizes in international competitions.

A cartoonist in national newspaper and magazines. Vice President of International Cartoon FECO Iran.


Exhibition in the Cartoon gallery houses a permanent Tehran, Iran 2010

Exhibition in the Cartoon gallery houses a permanent Tehran, Iran 2011

Exhibition in the Cartoon gallery Iranian House of Cartoon Tehran, Iran 2015

Exhibition in the Cartoon gallery Iranian House of Cartoon Tehran, Iran 2016

Exhibition in the Artistic Creations Salon, House Of Culture, Firoozabad, Iran 2016

Jury member of the International Festival of Cartoon Book – IRAN 2011

Jury member of the National Festival of Cartoon Ehsan Shiraz - IRAN 2007

Jury member of the National Festival of Cartoon Ehsan Shiraz - IRAN 2009


Saeed Sadeghi

Birth Date :  21/4/1974
Passport No : A34081889

Mob :  +989171900392      Tel:   +987154234189

Web :     www.saeedartoon.blogfa.com

E-Mail : Saeedcartoon@gmail.com

Awards :
2013-First prize of International Contest "World Press Cartoon" – Sintera ------------Portugal

2013-First prize Comic of the 41st World Gallery of Cartoons , Skoje -------------Macedonia

2012-First prize of the Third International Digital Media Cartoon Contest ---------------IRAN

2009-First prize of International Cartoon Contest "Drought and Water"------------------ TURKEY
2008-First prize of the International gaze cartoon contest – ---------------------------------IRAN
2008-First prize International Caricature and Cartoon Contest Ciudad de Bogota--COLOMBIA
2010-First prize of The 2nd International Cartoon Contest “Mussel & Fish 2010” – Bulgaria
2008-First prize of the Cartoon Contest Environment Esfahan ----------------------------IRAN
2004-First prize for Cartoon of the Festival Visual Art Teachers ---------------------------IRAN
2013-Second prize of International Cartoon Contest Zielona Gora ,---------------------- Poland

2014-Second prize of the international Gaza cartoon & caricature Contest------------------IRAN

2013-Second prize of Prevention HIV/AIDS cartoon contest ----------------------------- Brazil

2008-Second prize of the "Good Word" International Comics & Cartoons Project--- Buzzinews
2005-Second prize for Cartoon of the 5th Festival of Porseshe Mehr-Tehran -----------IRAN

2004-Second prize for Cartoon of the 4th Festival of Porseshe Mehr-Tehran -----------IRAN
2011-Second prize for Cartoon of the 12th Festival of Porseshe Mehr-Tehran ---------IRAN

2015-Second prize for Cartoon of the 15th Festival of Porseshe Mehr-Tehran ---------IRAN

2010-Silver Prize and Bronze Prize of Free Cartoons Web International Cartoonet Festival- CHINA

2009-Silver Pulya of 2nd International "Aysergi-Pulya" Cartoonists Meeting ---------CYPRUS
2014-Third Prize of the 8th International Cartoon Contest URZICENI---------- ROMANIA

2013-Third Prize of the 10th Tehran International Cartoon Biennial ----------------- Iran

2013-Third Prize of 5th P.C.RATH Memorial International Web Cartoon Contest------INDIA

2009-Third Prize of XXI International Competition on Drawing Jaka Bede --------  POLAND
2011-Third Prize of
First International Cartoon Festival Gas - Bojnourd –--------------- IRAN

2011-Special Prize of the 7th Salăo de humor de Limeira  International Cartoon Contest- Brazil

2009-Special Prize of the 29th International Nasreddin Hodja------------------------TURKEY
2007-Special Prize of the 27th International Nasreddin Hodja------------------------TURKEY
2008-Special Prize of the 9th Biennial Ecological Cartoon Contest------------------SERBIA
2009-Special Prize of the 9th Biennial Tehran International Cartoon -------------- IRAN
2009-Special Prize of 2nd International Olive Cartoon Contest  Kyrenia----------- CYPRUS
2015-Special Prize of 6th International Cartoon Competition Berlin 2015 "SPYING"—Germany
2016- Special Prize of 2nd International Izmir Cartoon Competition--- Turkey

2009-The Prize “GEORGE GAVRILEAN” 19th International Cartoon Contest ----- ROMANIA

2006-Work Mentioned in Biennale International  EUROHUMOR--------------------------ITALY

2009-Honorable Mention of the 5th Humor Hall of Limeira Sao Paulo - LIMEIRA----BRAZIL
2010-Honorable Mention of the 6th Salao de Humor de Paraguacu Paulista Internacional-
2008-Honorable Mention of  the First International Cartoonet Street Children-------------IRAN
2008-Honorable mention of the 4th International cartoon contest---------------------------SYRIA
2007-Honorable Prize of The 1Th International China Olympic Cartoon Competition—CHINA
2007-Honorable Mention DAEJON International Cartoon Contest------------------------KOREA
2007-Success Award first international cartoon contest "NAJI Al, ALI---------------------SYRIA
2007-Selected Participant International Festival of Cartoons Guilan-------------------------IRAN

2001-4th prize for the First Cartoon Festival for College Students-----------------------------IRAN

2012-Honorable Prize of the 5th International Eco Cartoon Contest------------------------- BRAZIL

2011-Honorable Prize of the first International Biennial of Resistance Cartoon Contest- Tabriz /IRAN

2012-Honorable Mention of  the First ECO International Visual Arts Festival-------------IRAN

2012-Honorable Mention of the International “Return to Home” Cartoon Contest------- IRAN 

2012-Honorable Mention of 39. Salon International De Humor Piracicaba------------------BRAZIL

2012-Works of Excellence of 4nd INTERNATIONAL CARTOONS CONTEST ------------- CYPRUS

2012-Honorable Mention of International Cartoon Contest "The Press Without Press"----RUSSIA

2013-Diploma prize at the International Baja Hungary Cartoon Contest------ HUNGARY
2017-Diploma prize at The First International Autószektor Cartoon Contest ------ HUNGARY

2013-Excellence Award of  International Cartoon Competition on Environmental Protection / CHINA 2016-Honorable mention of the 9th Don QUICHOTTE INTERNATIONAL CARTOON CONTEST-- Germany