Zhao Yunsheng

Department of Chinese free Comic Alliance "world love" member, since 95 years engaged in international cartoon creation, nearly 1000 cartoon boutique selected a number of countries and regions, selected exhibitors or included in the album, these countries; Iran. Turkey. India. Poland. Ukraine. Croatia. Germany. Russia. Greece. Argentina. Hungary. Yugoslavia. Portugal. Spain. South Korea. Italy. Norway. Bulgaria. Romania. Taiwan. Philippines. Gaza. Macedonia etc.. The international award-winning archives; in August 2009 30 final list in Italy [] Jazz Dance Network International Cartoon Contest, won the December 2009 South Korea [] International Criminal Law Contest Award nomination, in 2010 23 works selected Russia [] comic theme; anti-corruption network exhibition, in April 2011 won the 'golden 2011' Slovakia 'beer' kaig special award in 2013 3! Vice in Turkey theme: [] tank international cartoon contest, in 2013 4 in Romania in seventh the Deva international cartoon contest online exhibition, March 2014 3 works: the Berlin wall and electric cars in Germany: online exhibition, April 2014 Philippines topped the "World Earth Day" cartoon posters, pictures of me on the list! In December 2014 received the Kiev Ukraine theme "new world" cartoon contest certificates and pictures, my works won the outstanding award, and tied for the top 4! July 2015 received the 25th Romania to the theme of your mask off the international humor Festival certificate, July 2015 selected the first Croatian SISAK International Cartoon Contest and received electronic certificate. 2015 8 cartoons selected Italy theme is not equal. Romania in May 2015, the theme of war and peace. In July 2015, Pukeli Macedonia international cartoon contest. Selected in October 2015 Kosovo theme of the witch International Cartoon Contest 5. The love of the 1 International Art Exhibition in Romania, Bucharest, March 2016. In March 2016 I received an electronic certificate for a Lebanese artist painting. South Korea in May 2016 Guoya Asia art exhibition I won award for reception of cartoons of South Korean President Park Geun hye and catalogued!

Domestic winning Archives: September 2012 work "balance of power" in the Chinese ancient invention creation Animation Competition award. December 2012 I Chinese comic Arts Council Secretary Da Chuan Xia drawing portraits of selected held in Hunan Province, the first Chinese contemporary outstanding cartoon exhibition, and received a certificate and pictures. April 2014 Shaanxi "painting and calligraphy" on page fourth of my published international cartoon exhibition column. "Mike Jackson" in July 2014, Shandong Huatong Cup China ink cartoon exhibition brochure! November 2015 Chinese Art Development Association received the medal of honor and the art of leaders! In December 2015 more than 20 cartoon boutique for large album art "everyone"! In March 2016, I was selected as the third China International portrait art competition! In May 2016 I 50 cartoons in Shanghai "the world Gallery" exhibition of micro-blog!


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